“Food has the ability to bring people together
and challenge the barriers that divide us.”

– Nick Saul, Executive Director – Community Food Centres Canada


Comfort – The security of knowing that your next meal is available; the elimination of the anxiety that comes with an empty stomach; the confidence of knowing that you can feed your family tomorrow. The knowledge that nutritious, healthy foods are available at the store, at the school and, when necessary, at the food pantry.

Food – The essential ingredient to building a healthy, productive life; the key to providing an environment where a family can grow to its full potential; the center of a vibrant community. Food is the source of tradition and culture; it’s the content of the table where we can all meet and share. All food is soul food as we plant, grow, harvest, prepare and provide.

Community – The collaboration of individuals and groups which binds individuals together and strengthens the whole; the celebration of who we each are as people and what we can accomplish together. The most livable community provides options to meet people’s needs, regardless of one’s age, physical ability, income or any other factors by accessing the talents and the resources of individuals collectively.


The mission of Comfort Food Community is to contribute to the health of our community through the inspirational power of good food.

The vision of Comfort Food Community is the creation of a Food Center located in the greater Greenwich area whose purpose is to leverage the community’s physical and social resources to eliminate food insecurity. We will accomplish this by developing a space where individuals, families, farms, schools, social agencies, and local business come together to share knowledge, build skills and enjoy good food. As such we will strive to cross socio-economic boundaries welcoming all members of our community to participate as their needs and interests warrant.